Casey & Jake’s Wedding at Freedom Hill Banquet Center Sterling Heights MI

They did it Y’all!! Casey and Jake finally got married on July 25th at Freedom Hill Banquet Center Sterling MI! Nothing was stopping this wedding. Their Freedom Hill wedding was supposed to be in May but then the world turned upside down. I loved how small and intimate their wedding was and I’m glad we finally got to celebrate their love.

We met at Casey’s parent’s house to get ready and it was such a beautiful day. It was so calm and full of love in the house. While Casey was getting ready she told me she decided to wear her mother’s wedding dress! All they had to do to the dress was shorten the hem and it fit like a glove. It was so sweet watching her mother button her in her dress. I was tearing up at this moment, it’s not every wedding that you see a bride put on her mother’s wedding dress for her day.

The Ceremony was beautiful and really spoke to the love that Casey and Jake have for each other. During the whole ceremony, you can just feel all the joy and happiness that everyone there was experiencing that these two were finally becoming Husband and Wife. Jake could not contain his joy and cried as he saw Casey float down the aisle towards him.

One of my favorite images from the day is the one after their I Do’s where Casey’s parents are so happy for her and Jake that they exploded into a family bear hug. To be loved that much is an amazing thing.

After the Champagne toast at the church we then ran off to George George park to take photos and it was such a fun time with this group. There were tons of laughs and goofing around. Not a dull moment with this crew.

Casey and Jake had a beautiful day full of love and happiness with their closest family and friends. Though, it wasn’t the day they had planned initially it was incredible. I hope that these two know that if they can persevere through a global pandemic that they can get through anything as long as they have each other. Congrats on your wedding you crazy kids!! I cannot wait to see what good things happen in your life together.

Freedom Hill Banquet Center Sterling Heights MI