Ryan & Vaughn’s Silver Lake Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Ryan and Vaughn’s Silver Lake Sand Dunes Engagement Session was what dreams were made of. I was so excited when I casually mentioned to them that we should do an adventure session and they said “Let’s do it!” I love couples that want to leave South East Michigan and explore our amazing state with me! We can create something magical and unique to them.

I met Ryan and Vaughn at Silver Lake Dunes and don’t let the GPS take you to the ORV side of the parking lot. That was the wildest and intense thing to navigate through. Everyone is zipping in every direction and here I am in my Traverse looking like the fool who didn’t show up in their Jeep or Truck. Once we all navigated to the right lot we were off to the races. Here’s the thing about the dunes, to get there it is a pretty steep uphill hike in the sand which Ryan and I looked at each other like what are we doing. Once we made it to the top we knew it was worth it.

Through the intense winds and sand pelting us, we managed to stay up there laughing and having a blast until the sun was gone. Here’s a gif of how strong the winds were.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Engagement Session

It was super intense! And worth it! Here is the shot from that spot!


Silver Lake Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Their session was so magical and you can just feel the love between Ryan and Vaughn. They are electric and I literally cannot handle their session it’s everything! I cannot thank them enough for [1] Letting me capture their love and [2] Trusting me on this session and saying yes to a 3-hour drive to the dunes! Congrats on your engagement you crazy kids!!