Meet Carolyn

Hey there! I’m Carolyn and love capturing lovely moments

I’m a Detroit Lifestyle Photographer but I shoot all over Michigan. My Husband Chris is my second shooter and we love capturing people’s milestones, lives, love, and memories! I want to make sure that I create an amazing experience for all of my clients.

Usually, you can find me fully caffeinated in front of my computer blasting! Panic at the Disco or out in the wild shooting photos.

I want my work to reflect how you actually are. When you revisit your images 5,10,15 years after our time together I want your images to recall how you felt, what it smelled like, really transporting you back to that moment in time.

I love meeting new people and going on adventures with them. If you love photos that don’t feel forced, and that show who you are, then I’m the girl for you. I would love to meet you for coffee and talk about your session and vision.

Fun Facts

1. I love true crime
2. I’ve only been to 4 concerts
3. I’ve been to a million plays (Still need to see Hamilton and Dear Evan Hanson)
4. I am terrified of birds. Please don’t ask to include birds in your shoots.
5. I don’t like chewy candy (you can have the Starburst)
6. Agnes Cecile is my favorite painter
7. Elephants are my favorite animal
8. I love brussel sprouts
9. Lafayette coney island is better than All American.
10. I pour the cream before coffee.

Currently Obsessed With