What to wear for your engagement session can be tricky. People always ask me about their engagement session outfits. Do we wear casual? Dressy? Dramatic? I’m here to help solve that mystery!

I always start off telling my couples to be the same level of dressed up. If you’re in business casual you both are, If you are in a full glam look then you both are. The only thing that will look off in your images is if one of you is more dressed up than the other. I always want my couples to be comfortable. If you’re not, you will see it in your face and body language.

When picking outfits I recommend keeping in mind the word “complement” rather than “match.” For example, if your partner is wearing a blue and pink pastel plaid shirt, you may want to choose something that is soft blue. It can also be a great idea to choose “color-families,” such as pastels or jewel tones.

If you stuck on colors check out Coolors.co I love it because you can upload a photo and it will help you find colors that match to help you when you are picking out outfits that match. 

Generally, couples pick two outfits for an engagement session: a more formal outfit and a casual outfit. I recommend saving your favorite outfit for later in the session when couples usually feel more comfortable in front of the camera. And don’t forget to bring a few accessories! Statement necklaces, cute shoes, and classic watches are great ways to add detail to outfits.

Wardrobe Tips: Heels lengthen legs but if your heels aren’t comfortable for walking, bring an extra pair of shoes to slip into in between shots. You can’t go wrong with a suit and tie. Consider pulling out that suit you had to wear last time you were groomsmen! Lace and tulle look amazing in photographs. And dresses with lace sleeves are a great way to help slim arms. Depending on your location, you might want to consider a fit and flare or a flowy dress! They look great in walking and photos with movement.

Choose an outfit you feel comfortable in, but don’t be afraid to dress up!I love the way larger patterns photograph – just be careful not to choose a pattern that is too small – it may accidentally make your photo look a little too busy. Softer, pastel colors tend to photograph better than bright colors – especially since bright colors could reflect on your skin. I love bright, neon dresses, but I don’t love the neon reflection they add to your complexion.

Accessories Statement jewelry is a great way to add color or pattern to a simple dress. Hats are always fun and cute but can create shadows on your face. Just make sure that your accessories are not overwhelming because you want you to be the focus of your photos not your jewelry or your hats.

Hair & Makeup Engagement sessions are the perfect time for a hair and makeup trial! Professionally done hair & makeup last longer than typical hair & makeup. They also tend to hold up better for humidity and wind. I think it’s so important that you look and feel your best for your engagement photos – and if you’re planning to do a hair & makeup trial anyways, the engagement session is a great time to test how your hair & makeup look on camera.

Manicure There will probably be times during your session when I’m shooting your hands holding or the engagement ring on your hand – which means it’s a good idea to clean up your nails before your session (this applies to the guys too!).

I also have made Pinterest boards with some looks. In the end, just be yourself, wear something comfy that you feel your best in and your photos are going to be magical!

engagement session outfits

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