Racquel & Adam’s Engagement Session at Side Cut Metro Park Maumee OH

I met up with Racquel and Adam for their engagement session at Side Cut Metro Park in Maumee OH. This session was incredible and so much fun! If you haven’t been to the Side Cut Metro Park in Maumee OH I highly recommend the journey to this stunning park. We only explored a tiny fraction of it but everywhere we turned was magical. T

his session felt like it was out of a storybook, just like their love story. I loved running around the park getting to know these two. They are so kind and sweet and I cannot wait to capture their wedding day next year.


How they met! 

These two love birds met in the research lab! He was working there as a research assistant and she was doing a summer research project as a med student in the lab. Word on the street is that hit it off immediately! I mean isn’t that just the cutest story, it’s like an adorable 00’s RomCom. I just picture them bumping into each other in the halls and locking eyes while Sixpence None The Richer “Kiss Me” plays softly, followed by an adorable montage of them working in the lab with passing glances and smiles.

Adam is a Nurse and Racquel is in Med School and this two kind and caring souls exude love for each other and it’s clearly obvious. They are such amazing people and everyone who gets the pleasure of meeting them is better after it. Their story was always going to end with them happily ever after.


Side Cut Metro Park Maumee OH

Racquel told me that Adam proposed to her on Easter morning this year! They were going for a walk at side cut metro park in Maumee OH, during quarantine, it was a peaceful morning with just the two of them.

Towards the end of the walk, she said, “Okay, we should probably get going,” and Adam responded, “Probably, but first…” and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Spoilers: She said yes! It’s really only fitting that we went back for their engagement photos.

I love that these two were game for anything in this session. When that happens you get drone shots! These make my heart happy as I love capturing people’s love from above!

This little cut of grass was the perfect spot to have them lay down and throw up the drone. Sometimes you can’t see all the colors from the ground so you have to look at the scene in a new direction.

I thought Racquel was throwing out a joke when she said she wanted to get in the water, so did Adam. She was serious and so they did! I love it when people want to get in the water and do some adventurous things, It really leads to some amazing shots that we otherwise would have missed.

Congratulations Racquel and Adam! This engagement session was so fun, magical, and wonderful and I literally cannot wait until your big day. I know it’s going to be so amazing.

Side Cut Metro Park Maumee OH
Side Cut Metro Park Maumee OH
Side Cut Metro Park Maumee OH
Side Cut Metro Park Maumee OH