When I first met with Dayna and Bob over the summer, I knew that their Detroit engagement session was going to be so much fun!
They wanted a session that was unique to them and I think we accomplished that. We ran around Wayne State University and the DIA and had so much fun with top hats, canes, and nerf guns. As a girl who loves Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Firefly this session made my heart happy that we just played dress up and had fun. I love when my couples make their session unique to their style and personalities it adds an extra level of love to the whole session. These two crazy kids love each other so much and it radiates in their photos.

I asked Dayna and Bob a few questions about their love story and the whole thing will just melt your heart. They are truly one of my favorite couples I had the pleasure to work with this year.

Haering Creative Studios: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet?

Dayna & Bob: We *first* met at a charity ball in 2012. We were the only two at the dance who actually knew, more or less, how to dance (although the whole affair was in cosplay costume, so it was a little hard to dance regardless). At the time, we didn’t exchange surnames or numbers, so nothing really came of it until a few years later when we went to the same swing dance club meeting, and I recognized him.

HCS: What makes your relationship special?

D&B: Well, there’s the dancing, obviously, but we’re also both big on board/tabletop games and RPGs (lots of Dungeons and Dragons, but we like anything with a little strategy). We also love costumes, and traveling around to wear them with other nerds — we frequent Renaissance Festivals in full getup and are just starting to get into LARPing.

HCS: How did you know your partner was the one?

D&B: In Bob’s words, “Hard to put my finger on a single moment when it clicked that you were “the one”; everything just kinda felt natural.” I agree. We were really focused on good communication from the beginning, which is probably what sustained the relationship while we were still working out our differences 😉

HCS: Give us all the details about the proposal!

D&B: We have a favorite restaurant in Chicago called Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf. We’ve made day trips just to eat there before, and for Valentine’s Day in 2018 we decided to do it again, and take our friends Steve and Jennifer (also engaged, at the time) with us. They were in on the surprise. Bob was way more antsy and excited than normal and it wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on — in hindsight I wish I’d played hard-to-get when he asked me to dance to the jazzy music that was on, but I was also excited and just gave in right away. Steve and Jennifer got a film of the proposal. <3

HCS: Tell us all about that ring!

D&B: Bob worked with an artist to design the ring himself. Unfortunately he used a ring of mine that I actually never wore on my ring finger because it was too big, so after the proposal he and I worked together for a slight redesign that was easier to resize. The ring itself is actually two parts — the stone is set into an outer band made of rose gold, and the inner band is plain sterling silver and can be removed and worn by itself, in case I want to dress down or wear gloves. Eventually we’re going to replace the silver band with a white gold wedding ring.

HSC: What are you most excited about when it comes to your wedding planning?

D&B: The whole wedding is a steampunk theme, and honestly, coming up with the décor and gimmicks to get that theme across has been a treat. Otherwise, this is basically just another round of the two of us putting together cool costumes for ourselves (and our bridal party, to some extent) but with a bigger budget, which means we get to be *fancy*. All the bells and whistles! These two are so cute! I adore them and CANNOT wait to shoot their wedding on Halloween in 2021! Until then enjoy their adorable engagement session.