We finally got to shoot Liz and Jeff’s Downtown Detroit engagment session. We were originally planned to shoot in May and well, the world went all topsy-turvy and we had to push it. The silver lining in this is that Detroit was empty and we were able to get some classic shots that are usually filled with people. I had so much fun with these two and when I first started talking to Liz I had an idea for her session, not everyone would have met me at an underpass Downtown to start their session but Liz trusted the process and it was magical!



The Cass Ave Viaduct is an amazing Gem that most people just breeze through on their commute to or from Wayne State and I wanted to take a few moments and just enjoy the hidden art Detroit has to offer. I loved how the reflectors lit up when the light hits it just right, It reminds me of the lanterns from Tangled! It doesn’t hurt that Liz looks like a real life Disney Princess too!


How He Proposed

Liz and Jeff were on a family trip to Philadelphia Army v. Navy football game (Jeff is a Football Coach). On the last night of the trip, they went to a Christmas themed amusement park (Liz is OBSESSED with Christmas) and he proposed to her in front of a massive lit Christmas tree. This clearly has all the makings for the best holiday Hallmark Christmas movie. Spoilers: They both cried they were so happy! To make this story even sweeter they met when they were in school reconnected later in life and the rest is history [ Cue snowfall ] 

It’s really one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever heard.









Congratulations you two! I cannot wait to see you both on your wedding day, it’s going to be so beautiful and don’t mind me if I’m crying with how sweet it is going to be! Thanks so much for running around Downtown with me it was so much fun!