Last Saturday I made the trek over to Rockford MI to meet Kathryn and Heather. It is this ADORABLE little town that looks like it could have been the set of Stars Hollow. I was so excited for this shoot because what Heather didn’t know is that Kathryn was going to propose! Now anyone who knows me is that I am not a good secret keeper so when I was jumping on a Zoom with Heather I was panicking thinking don’t blow this!! Well, I didn’t and Heather said yes!

Here’s that moment!

OMG how cute are they?! I loved walking around Rockford with them and getting to know them better. They are such a fun and adorable couple.

Listen, I don’t mean to play favorites but there was a clear star of the show! BENJI! He was the goodest good boy all session. I mean look at his adorable face!

Congrats Kathryn and Heather! you two are so sweet and adorable and I can’t wait for your wedding day.