Chelsea and Andrew were willing to show up to Gallup Park on a whim when we were allowed to go outside and we had a blast. Did we get lost? Yes. Did we walk 3 miles? Yes. Did we laugh too much? Is there such a thing as too much laughter? The world may never know.

We started the evening at the park strolling along and getting to know each other. It was such a nice warm night and after being cooped up in the house for months it was nice to have a sense of some normalcy. We kept walking until I saw a rock a little bit in the water that I knew two could fit on, Sometimes I see things and ask my couples if they are willing to try it. Andrew made sure the rocks were stable before Chelsea walked on them. I’m so glad they said yes! and trusted the vision





Look at how cute these two are! They have been together 6 years and you can feel every ounce of their love when you are around them. It’s so effortless and magical, I hope you can get that from the images.







We may have walked too far but we stumbled across this location and none of us were mad at the situation.





We had so much fun and these two love birds were such good sports with all the tiny bugs flying around. Their session was so dreamy and wonderful and I can’t wait to capture more of their memories for them in the future.

We shot until there sun was gone and walked away at 10pm. You know you chat too much and had too much fun when that happens. Congrats Chelsea and Andrew!!