Kitchen Flip! (Week 9+10)

Guys, its currently week 11 but we have been running to get this kitchen moving like gang-busters I haven’t had the time to write the update. We finished drywalling and mudding and painted the walls. THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENED! We Installed cabinets. It’s so crazy seeing the kitchen come together because I have been designing this kitchen for over a year and to see it starting to come in to place is truly overwhelming. Like how is this my kitchen? There is still so much to do but I’m feeling better about it’s progress.

Can we take a moment and just sit in awe of the beam?!


I mean! COME ON!!! I’m totally in love with it and just keep looking at it.

Then we put the cabinets in, oh man!

We did get bummed when we took out the rest of the old kithen cabinets and there was mold. Thankfully it was surface damage only and we cleaned it and we are installing new insulation, drywall, mudd and bada boom bada bing the bar cabinets can be installed.


Also smashed some things


Ok, Ok, Here are the pictures you really want to see!

What do we think?! do we love it? I love it and I can’t believe that A: I designed this kitchen and B: That it’s actually mine!

So, I think this is where we are going to stop the updates until the kitchen is finished. I may be sharing peeks over on my IG stories and if you are curious follow me at @Car_Hae on Insta for those.

See ya when it’s done!



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