Kitchen Flip! (Week 8)

So here we are, week 8. If I’m being honest, I thought we would be done by now. Thanks, HGTV for the false expectation.  I honestly can say I hate eating at this moment, I don’t want to eat out I don’t want to eat in. I’m just over it but we have to pack up all our patience and keep moving because this project won’t finish itself. We spent the holiday weekend working and getting shit done. Drywall ,done. Floor grinding, done.  Front brick, painted. Shed, painted. And now to finishing the mudding and the floor seal before we prime the walls. The room is starting to look like a kitchen again and putting it back together was harder than taking it apart.

So that’s our progress so far. I’m tired and ready to have a kitchen again. Send Beer.


Carolyn HaeringComment