Kitchen Flip! (Week 6+7)

We have made such great strides in the past two weeks. All new Electrical (Thanks dad!) Gas, and Water all hooked up in the new location and ready to rock and roll. We have removed the old kitchen, built a beam for the ceiling, filled the holes in the floor, got cabinets delivered, cried, went back to pick another slab for the countertop because the one we picked must be made of dinosaur bones and the tears of blind nuns for the price they told us and passed 3 out of our 4 inspections (the last one is Tuesday)

So here we are! Getting ready for the long weekend of more work!

Took down the soffits, then the cabinets because were kooky like that.

Lets take a look at the beam thats going to run across the ceiling. Chris and his Coworker built it and I stained it and powercoated the braces,

The the most importan delivery arrived ahead of schedule, but we are so excited to have them.

We filled the trenches with cement! No more trip hazards, we’re moving up in the world.

Out with the old kitchen! I can’t say we are going to miss her at all!

We also orderd the new fireplace and will be raising it to the center of the wall and creating a recess for the tv.

This is our new slab, for everyone play the home game this is lucky number 3. If this doesn’t work out I’m murdering someone. I can’t go look at anymore stores or slabs, it’s too overwhelming for me.


WHEW! Have you made it this far? we have been busy and tired but mostly tired. Hopefully we can wrap up this project so I can start making the kitchen table and bench. I need the garage space to get to work on that project.

See ya next time


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