Kitchen Flip! (Week 4 +5)

You guys! Its been a whirlwind of a few weeks; between the end of the school year and the kick off to wedding season I have fallen behind on my kitchen updates. This one will combine week 4 and week 5 and what a two weeks it has been. We have been wiring all the recessed lights and breaking up the floor.

This laser level is seriously a dream! How people did this before the invention of lasers is really impressive.

We also taught Bella how to wire a few things.

All the recessed lights! This room will light up like the sky on the 4th of July.


So now the biggest part of the job is the floor. We have to bust it open!


We also had our weekly Lowes run. #notsponsoredbutiwishiwasthatfancy Lowes is our Cheers, everybody knows our names. Shout out to Rose in Millworks she helpled us with our door order that only partially showed up.

I also changed my mind and this is now our countertops! I can’t wait for Frank to install this bad boy! Allso I love this because it’s matte. I just look at this picture all the time, I’m in love with this countertop!

So, we still have a ton to do and we just found out that the cabinets will be deilvered on the 24th! We thought they would be in the second week of July. So we need to hustle to get some major things done. So until then we will be eating a lot of Olgas and Leo’s.

So until next week!