Kitchen Flip! (Week 3)

Y’all! how have you been?! We are still waiting on permits, so the floor is still intact…. BUT we moved the closet and laid out the recessed lighting. It’s going to be brighter than the sun in this kitchen. ALL THE LIGHT!! Let’s see what we did with the front closet.

The kids loved demo, they really got in to smashing the walls down.

Ok, so we turned the closet and cut 18inches off but in doing so we are now going to put an 8ft door in and utlize more of the upper space that was just wasted. So we actually are gaining a lot more.

So, week three wasn’t that exciting but we now have more room to move around the island (when it goes in) and a better closet. Hopefully we hear from the city this week and we can start breaking in to the floor. Until then guys, we are chipping away at the little things.

Thanks for checking in!


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