Kitchen Flip! (Week 2)

Hi Friends!!

Whew! What a week! Did you enjoy the long weekend? I know I did. We were so busy the whole week and the weekend. We are in the mist of week 2 of the kitchen flip, we finished taking up the rest of the tile.
If you missed Week 1 Check it out here:

RIP Floors you were beautiful.

The kids were really excited to help break up the floor. Teach em young how to use power tools! These kids will be handy when they are adults.

Then came the mess. grinding is a slow and messy process but we now have smooth floors.

We had 4 trash cans full of just pulverized cement. Which was sooo much fun to deal with… But in the end we have a nice smooth floor until we jack hammer the floor and tear it up to move all the pipes. until then heres a drawing on the floor. Can you see it? Its pretty light.

IMG_7212 copy.jpg

We also have all the DOORS ordered, the closet door which matches the barn doors and a new front door picked out. Get exciteD! Is being an adult Bout being excited about these things? I hope to never buy another door as long as I live lol. This isn’t our exact door but it’s what they all look like. You get the jist.


For the front door we are looking at one thats a little craftsman like, but painting it the same blue as the island. We also will be painting the shutters on the house that same blue, it’s called Salty dog.


 Well friends, that’s what we did this week. I forced Chris on Monday night to stop with the tasks and chores, so we did get some poolside time. So, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday and now on to Week 3.