It's all in the Details!

You spend months agonizing over every last detail on your day. From Chair Covers to Cufflinks, You have put more hours into the little things than you realized you would. Then when it comes to your day everything is exactly the way you want it.

I know when I walked in to my wedding room empty of people I said “ Is this my wedding?!” to the photographer. I sat in my room in silence looking around for a moment because my vision came together. It came together better then I thought it would and as much as I wanted photos of my husband and myself I wanted to remember what the day looked like. I wanted to remember the small details I selected like my popcorn boxes or the hand painted seating chart I made. 

Brides on their day my not remember to ask for all their details but I try to make sure I capture as many as possible because you picked that watch for him for a reason. You selected those flowers on your cake with thought and care. Let’s make sure they are as crystal clear 5,10,15 years from now as they are they day they arrive. 

Carolyn HaeringComment