5 Summers Left.

Have you seen that post going around that tugs at your heart saying you only get 18 summers?! Well, after today we are down to 5 Summers! Only 5 summers left my friends for my kids! They are not so little any more, mostly eye rolling and snark these days. Though it’s good to send them back to school so as a family we can be back to structure, and scheduling and being busy until next summer which will tick down to 4... (Tears)

Which got me to thinking about all the new school moms dropping off their kids at preschool or Kindergarten for the first time. Excited and scared for their little ones. Let me tell you the first time is rough, and then it gets easier!

Until now, right now.

The time that you realize your littles are not little. My children really don’t need me, they know how to cook, do their laundry, take care of themselves. More often than not lately I hear “No mom, I got it.” 

This is the last year before I have a High Schooler and Gavin will be right behind Bella. I am nearing the end of this ride and soon. In about 5 years I will have 2 adult “ish” children, ready to take on the world. No more Star Wars Backpacks, Olympic Reading, Hoben News or Mother’s Day teas.

We are currently flying through through Middle School in the blink of an eye. I wish I could go back and be the Mystery Reader in Elementry School for them one more time. To see their little faces light up and hear their little squeals when they hear their favorite books.(Miss Spiders Tea Party and Eloise)  

There is a time in children’s lives where things are slowed down it seems like it takes longer to get to milestones. Soak that feeling up because then the 5th grade hits and its a bullet train to little adults.

Today got me, today made me sad. Dropping them off to 7th and 8th. Talking about Fortnite and who they are going to take to the Halloween Dance. What Youtubers Merch they need to be cool and what their friends are posting on Instagram.

Weren’t we just in the Kindergarten and the 1st grade?! Where did these little people go?


How are we in the 8th and 7th? How are we gearing up for High School already and what football games they are going to this fall with friends? My heart is so happy for them and the people that they are becoming, and I can’t wait to see them grow in to this chapter of their lives, but still a part of me is sad for the childhood that is being left behind in the process. Can we please stop the clock? This is moving at a too rapid pace for me. I need time to process all of this. 


So let’s not forget the veteran moms who realize that their children are closer to moving up and on without them. We have only but a few more of these sweet moments before they start creating their own moments without us. Once you let them run they learn to fly.  So, hug your littles and remember you may wish at times that they could be older and one day, without asking, they are, in a snap. 


Good luck this year mommas! Make sure to teach them to run and don’t clip their wings so that they can fly. 



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